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    Cache Sizes

    Tatiana Titova


      From various links ( for example https://www.freakalytics.com/blog/2011/05/10/tcc-eu-2011-server-scaling/ ) it appears that Tableau server has 3 types of caching - Image Tile Cache, Model Cache and Query Result Cache.  I am trying to match these to the server settings and also get some estimates on what these should be for my environment.  This is what I have found in my settings:


      vizqlserver.imagecachesize: 120

      vizqlserver.modelcachesize: 60

      vizqlserver.protocolcachesize: 100

      vizqlserver.querycachesize: 64

      vizqlserver.scenecachesize: 60






      I assume that imagecachesize controls Image Tile Cache and querycachesize controls "Query Result Cache. Anyone knows if this is true?  What is the difference between modelcachesize and scenecachezize?  Any chance I can inspect cache at any given time?   And the most important question of all - how do I estimate the right settings for my environment.

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          Toby Erkson

          No idea.  Why do you want to alter these?  The only time I've had to make a cache adjustment is when Tableau Support recommended a specific setting and value due to an issue our particular environment was having (last year and I don't remember exactly what it was).