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    Stay connected with Seattle Tableau User Group

    Jen Vaughan

      For communication and networking within the Seattle Tableau User Groups the following social platforms exist:


      Professional Networking

      LinkedIn – Seattle Tableau User Group https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Seattle-Tableau-User-Group-SeaTUG-2613271/about


      Twitter - @SeattleTUG https://twitter.com/SeattleTUG hashtag #SeaTUG. Subscribe to a list.

      *Call to Seattle Tableau User Group - I'd like to create two lists, one for SeaTUG bloggers and SeaTUG Tweeters, if you want to be added please email me at vaughan_j@live.com to be added.


      Social Networking

      Facebook – Join Seattle Tableau User Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1568098296769005/


      This community page will be the main place for Admins to post Event Details and administer the group.