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    Limit shown Revenue in a date range to >= specific date in blended data source


      Hello community


      i'm very, very new to Tableau. I have searched the web and this forum, and watched several of the training videos. so far, no luck to solve my problem.


      here's what i want to do:

      i have to data sources, blended.

      one has so-called Asset data (from Salesforce).

      the other source has cost and revenue data per day, for several years.


      let's say one of the assets has a start date of 1st Feb 2015.


      now, in my view I want to see Revenue since 1st Jan 2015.

      I want everything prior to that asset's start date to show $0, and only show revenue for dates that are greater or equal to the start date.


      something like this for a calculated field.

      [Revenue $] where [ds] >= [Asset (Salesforce)].[Purchase Date]


      (ds is datestamp, which is the date field in the revenue data source).


      I don't know the syntax how to write the formula. and i don't know what to write to achieve my desired outcome.


      thanks in advance