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    Looking Up a Dimension Value

    Dean Knickerbocker

      I have a pretty simple question that I am sure has an easy answer and I am simply trying too hard to figure it out.


      Lets say I have a measure Price.  And I want to display the minimum Price.  That is easy enough.  But if I also want to display a corresponding dimension, say Company Name, how do I go about that?  The actual example is a bit more complicated with groupings by other dimensions such as Region.


      So my approach was the get the index of the lowest price such as:


      Min Index = if  min([Price]) = window_min(min([Price]), first(), last()) then Index() end


      Then use this value, the Index into the table where the lowest price is found to get the company name.


      Lookup(ATTR([Company]),[Min Index])


      I have included a very basic sample.  Thanks for help anyone can provide.