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    Who is up for Spring Barrel Tasting with the Yakima TUG?

    John Thompson

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      Hello everyone,

      I would like to invite everyone from the Seattle Tableau User Group to join the members of the Yakima Tableau User Group for a casual day of wine tasting during the annual Spring Barrel Tasting event in the Yakima Valley on April 25 2015.


      Event Notes:

      Bring your own wine glass if possible. You can buy one at the event but they can cost up to $10 or higher.

      Bring a light jacket because the weather can change to rain at times during the day.

      Purchasing wine: The cost from these small wineries can run from about $17 on the low side to as much as $65 per bottle.


      Cost: tasting run from $5 to $10 per winery or you can purchase a premier pass for $30 if your interested in case discounts

      Time: Meet around noon and go to about 4 pm to 5 pm depending on the group attending.

      Driving: Car pooling is highly recommended if you can to save on parking. This is the one of main wine tasting events in Washington

      Rooms: Right now I have noticed there are hotels with rooms available, but they will sell out before the event.


      If your interested in coming for the event please send me an email to let me know and I will give you more details about where to meet the group.