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    Postgres data extract refresh error on Server

    Anton De la Rambelje



      I created a workbook to show data from the history tables using the Tableau Postgres database.

      Using the desktop client all works will. However when I publish the workbook to the server and have the data connection refreshed automatically once a day, I receive an error message stating the the driver is not installed properly.


      So I installed the driver (running on a 64bit windows server) and also installed a desktop client on the server, downloaded the workbook and tried to refresh the data extract. That all worked fine.


      Still the automatic refresh does not work.

      I assume the trick might be in user rights, however I am completely in the dark which user rights and how the change the driver installation.


      Is there anybody out there who solved this problem and could point me in the right direction?



      Anton de la Rambelje


      Ps I'm using Tableau server & Desktop Client version 8.3.