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    Mapping Post Code to Region

    Matthew Brierley

      I work in an organisation that assigns a section of the workforce to a region. Some of these people actually live outside of their region and we want to try and identify how far away they are. Now I've created a duel axis map, with the region shown as a filled map in one window, and the post codes of all relevant staff members in the other.


      However, we don't want to know how far away they are from the regional office or any fixed point in the CENTRE of the region. We want to know how far they are from the BOUNDARY of the region. So if someone lives in Wales, works in the North West of England but the fixed regional point is in Carlisle, we want to know how far they are away from Chester or Shrewsbury for example, and NOT Carlisle.


      Is there a way that we can do this??