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    Using the TDE API

    Alain Picard

      I am trying to use the TDE API with Java. I can successfully create a TDE file, but I need to include a number of tables in there. Why can't I call addTable many times and why does the table need to be called "Extract".


      This appears to be an extreme limitation to the use of this API, compared to generating an Excel file with multiple tabs.


      Help me please so that I understand the benefit of this solution.




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          Bill Lyons

          I have experienced the same limitation, and sympathize. However, the TDE API is relatively new, so I would expect this to change over time. As you found, at the present time, we are limited to a single table called "Extract."


          The benefit of the Extract API is that it allows custom manipulations of the data in the ETL (extract, transform, load)), which are not available with a simple data connection.