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    If statement to determine if a field can be displayed AND the type of calculation.


      Good day to all in the community.


      I have a situation where I need to calculate a Cost / Lbs and a Cost / Mile based on the transportation mode I am using.


      if I use parcel: I need to calculate the cost / Lbs and this is this value that needs to be displayed.

      If I use Full Trailer loads: I need to calculate the cost / mile and I need to display this value.


      Below the desired result (a blank or - in the cell where the calculation is not replevant or does not apply)


      Jan Feb Mar Apr May
      Trailer Load Cost/Lbs - - - - -
      Cost/Mile $      0.50 $      0.60 $      0.10 $      0.30 $      0.50
      Parcel Cost/Lbs $      1.00 $      1.10 $      0.90 $      1.20 $      0.90
      Cost/Mile - - - - -


      Has anyone done this type of calculations:

      - Testing the mode (An alphanumeric value); care to share an example for me to try to reproduce?

      - Triggerred a calculation based on the mode;

      - Display or not the value if relebant or not (here for instance show nothing for cost per Lbs if mode is FTL


      Any help, advice or direction is greatly appreciated.