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    Did you miss the party?  Tableau’s 9.0 Roadshow was great!

    Anthony Gould


      f you haven’t been to a roadshow previously, but were able to make the 9.0 event this week, you witnessed presentations announcing the largest feature release since 6.0 (IMHO).  I’m not sure of the exact number, but around 600 Tableau enthusiasts rained down on the Grand Hyatt hosted event.  If you were like me, I expected registration to be a mess, but in good Tableau fashion, multiple technology interfaces (QR code scanners, tablets, and the desk) allowed for efficient check in.  The keynote quickly went through the feature release, which was followed by relevant breakout sessions and- of course- a killer social hour.




      The crowd slowly diminished by the end of the social hour, but around 60 people stuck around for the Seattle Tableau User Group (SeaTUG). By a raise of hands, nearly 50% of attendees were new to SeaTUG- awesome!  Through a survey (results here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-SGN2XRX7/), and group brainstorm session, the newest features were discussed openly.  Chris Toomey, a few of the Slalom folks, and Tableau employees, provided some helpful clarifications throughout the meeting.  It was an all-around engaged and enthusiastic group.  We rounded out the night with a second hosted social hour at the Tap House for some networking and billiards.




      SeaTUG’s Most Talked About 9.0 Features


      • Analytics Tab, like to be able to see exactly when failure happens

      • LOD's (everyone was psyched about the Level of Detail feature)

      • Enhanced Tooltips - Faster and stays away from mouse

      • Data manipulation and cleaning features allow for automated cleaning

      • Advanced mapping features

      • Suggestion R^2 for reference line in tooltip (user wanted to see R statistic readout within tooltip)

      • Query Caching - there was a question about limitations of caching as it relates to data refresh

      • Web Data Connector to pull data directly from web pages

      • New calculation dialogue and interaction model


        Lastly, we talked about the next SeaTUG event on April 2nd and the best ways to stay connection.  Here they are again:


        Stay Connected-

        LinkedIn and Facebook groups: Seattle Tableau User Group (SeaTUG) (https://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2613271&trk=groups_management_submission_queue-h-dsc, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1568098296769005/)

        Tableau’s hosted group site: http://community.tableau.com/groups/seattle

        Twitter Handle- coming soon


        More to come on the April 2nd agenda.  See everyone soon!