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    Small query


      Hi mates,

         Im new to this group. Thanks to allow me in this group. I have a small query that if we select a country like INDIA it shows the sales as INR, if we select the Country as America it shows like USD etc.. can u please help me out

      Thanks in advance..

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          Noah Salvaterra

          So is this a formatting question? It is hard to tell with the amount of information that is given here. It would be extremely helpful in this case to have a sample workbook to demonstrate both the problem and the solution.


          If it is the question that I think it is, there would be a couple ways to handle it. You'd need to get the currency type into your datasource, or blend it in from a secondary source. Then you could either filter your currency field into one for each currency display type (so the value only exists for a particular currency) and add all of these to the view with the proper formatting applied. Since only one will be non-null for any particular currency only one will be shown at a time. A bit simpler might be to convert the value to be displayed as a string and appending the appropriate currency symbol yourself, i.e.

               case [Currency]

               when 'USD' then '$'+str([Some Dollar Value])

               when 'INR' then ...



          Let me know if this helps, or help me by laying out what exactly you need.