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    Query issue with hive



      I want to query a partitioned table in hive with partitions on year , month and day. I want to make year, month and day fields dynamic so i wrote the following query in Tableau custom SQL:

      select count(*),e_type,e_src_type

      from table1

      where e_year=cast(substr(date_sub(From_unixtime(unix_timestamp()), 4),1,4) as string)

      and e_month=cast(substr(date_sub(From_unixtime(unix_timestamp()), 4),6,2) as string)

      and e_day=cast(substr(date_sub(From_unixtime(unix_timestamp()), 4),9,2) as string)

      group by e_type,e_src_type


      But I came to know in Hive if I do this correct partitions wont be scanned and it will go for FTS.So the other way is to set variables or write hql script.Would you know how its possible in Tableau?


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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello aditi.dash,


          In reviewing older, unanswered posts, I came across this post.  


          Were you able to find a workable solution for the issue encountered?  If so, please share what worked for you.  If not, could you elaborate with a few more details? 


          I am not an expert with Hive but usually lack of response indicates a need to provide more details regarding the original post.  In addition, contacting support and creating a case may also be helpful.   Product Support | Tableau Software


          I hope this is helpful.