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    Accessing tblwgadmin user in Postgres database for Tableau 9

    Anushka Chandrababu



      I am trying to login to the superuser tblwgadmin in Postgres database in Tableau server 9. But I am unable to do so as there is some default password provided to it. We were able to use this user in Tableau 8.3 as there was no password set for this user.


      My requirement is to alter the role of tableau user as superuser and this is possible only if we are logged in as a super user.


      Any help in this regard will be good. Is there a way to know this default password that is set? Or is there some other way I can set superuser rights to another user.


      Thank You




      Tableau Moderator note: Any information in this post is completely, 100% unsupported. Accessing the Tableau Server internal DB as a super user is unsupported and not recommended. We do recommend taking a backup of your environment before trying anything listed in this thread.


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