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    Bar Charts in Tooltips

    Amber Smart

      Hey OKCTUG! Hope you are all staying safe & warm! I wanted to share this info in case any of you wanted to try out what Guillermo was so kind to share with us last month...


      Here's a great article on how-to: http://kb.tableau.com/articles/knowledgebase/barsintooltips


      I've attached a sample workbook.


      Also, I felt really dumb trying to figure out how to make Alt Code Symbols show up. Typically you hold the Alt button while typing in a code. (Cheat sheet here: http://www.alt-codes.net/) But it would never work for me and I was about to drop kick my computer. I finally figured out that the numbers above the letters on a lap top won't work. You have to use a keypad or in my case, I had to press the 'Fn' button and press the letter keys the have little orange numbers on them. I have honestly never even noticed them before! This is probably obvious to everyone in the room, but thought I would share, just in case it helps someone else. (Alt Code symbols on Laptop keyboard - fsymbols)


      Hope to see you all next week!