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    Dual axis filled map help: how to get Zip Code labels appear over the zip?

    Mark Strand



      I was hoping to get some help with the attached workbook.  I am a relative beginner with tapping into the geospatial capabilities of Tableau but in this instance I made progress pretty quickly with a filled zip code map colored by a metric value.  The one thing missing is that I can't get the labels for the zip code to appear over the zip geography.


      I had it working fine in an earlier verision of the sheet, before I made it into a dual axis and added in the point for input long and lat value (the red star).  As is now, if I turn the labels on for zip code, a label appears over the star that marks the target location, rather than having one label assigned over each zip code displayed.


      I've spent too much time futzing with it already so hoping a Tableau expert here can see the fix faster than I can while I move on to other things.


      Any help appreciated to either get labeling work with this as is, or better method to execute a map that shows a location marker for a single point input by the user in conjunction with a filled zip code map with labeling on the zips.



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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Mark,


          It looks like all the Marks on your view (on both axes)

          has the very same location -- Target Lat / Target Long.

          So each and every Mark label has the exact same place on a map.

          They're stacked on top of each other over the Target Lat / Long crossing.

          And there is no way to place them at the arbitrary location on a map.


          So taking into account current design and pill arrangement

          there are other ways of getting closer to the desired picture.

          One could play with color transparency of filled zip areas (say 50% or less),

          and use a Dark Map option to increase a contrast of boudaries and labels.


          Hope this may help.