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    Dataset for March 2015 TUG Gathering

    Amber Smart
      Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the TUG gathering today! Special thanks to Ben Parker and his team at OPSRC for hosting and feeding us. You guys have a great facility and were amazing hosts - so THANK YOU!
      I don't know about you guys - but I am really looking forward to Tableau 9. Appreciate the demo today, Derek! Great stuff you shared with us today.
      Thank you, Guillermo, for sharing your masterpiece with us today! I know I learned a few new tricks! Appreciate all the work you put into your presentation, so thank you!
      We briefly talked about using a common dataset to create visuals for next month's meeting. You can download the data here: Dropbox - TUG Data

      Help us illustrate the answers to questions such as: Where are riders going? When are they going there? How far do they ride? What are top stations? What interesting usage patterns emerge? What can the data reveal about how Chicago gets around on Divvy?


      *This information is from a current data challenge going on now here: Divvy | Your bike sharing system in Chicago


      If you'd like to present your masterpiece next month, please email me! Would be best if we had at least 4 to learn from. Don't hold back!


      Specifics on next month's meeting to be sent out soon. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please email me anytime (amber.smart@lifechurch.tv).


      Thanks, everyone!