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    Best method to refresh extracts when a Service ID/pw can't be used?

    brian lilley-longville

      I have a unique case where a Tableau Desktop user is not permitted to obtain/use a service account to a Teradata data source.


      This developer connects to Teradata as an extract (there are performance issues with a direct connection) with his own id and password which change monthly, creates a report, and publishes it up to Server with credentials embedded so that site users can access it.


      Because he's doing this under a password that changes, many times he inadvertently locks himself out of his data source when he tries to refresh the extract since there is a password Server recognizes that no longer is the current Teradata password.


      With a live connection and a service id not being available options, do you have a recommendation for what he can do to

      a. keep the access to his report open to his site members but also

      b. keep the report up to date with refreshed data?


      All I can think of is manually republishing each time the password changes so that Desktop and Server are always in sync.

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          Hey Brian,


          After asking one of my colleagues, he responded:


          Your options are to:

          1. Republish workbook as you do now12:29 PM
          2. Go to Tableau Server -> Admin -> Data Connections screen and change password there (requires at least Site Admin)12:30 PM
          3. Ask someone who has password for service account to go to TS -> Admin -> Data Connections and enter these credentials after workbook is published.12:30 PM
          if they go with "3", no one will be able to read/retrieve service password, so it is safe.


          I hope this helps!