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    Forced Thumbnail Refresh

    Kristian DiGaetano

      Is there a way to tell Tableau Server to regenerate the thumbnail images it uses in the thumbnail view?


      Scenario that requires this:

      We have a standard set of 14-25 reports that we provide our clients. When a new client signs on (or when we add a new report), we use tabcmd to publish the reports... at that time, the reports have no data in them (empty extracts). They only have data when their extracts are refreshed. This dramatically cuts the time to publish the reports, and means we can keep empty template copies of the reports and just use those (though we programatically modify the SQL in the reports prior to publishing).


      That's all well and good, but it means we have empty thumbnails for every single report in our system, which renders the thumbnail view useless.


      If there were a way to tell Tableau Server to regenerate the thumbnails, that would be very helpful... either through tabcmd, or through the server app itself.


      Anyone else in the same boat, or are we pushing the envelope in a different direction from everyone else...?