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    Issues with tabadmin exportsite exiting abnormally and leaving site locked?


      We are just starting to change our backup rotation a bit which now uses a conditional daily site backup (~30 sites in prod). The conditional pieces of the scripting work just fine, but I've ran into what seems to be random issue where the tabadmin exportsite command terminates abnormally (status code 1) and leaves the site locked. Anyone else seeing this or found a possible cause yet?


      I've added some error handling around it to at least set the site to an active status again. and will run that


      Additional info:

      Scheduled task running during night. No other scheduled tasks at that point in time. No other users on system.

      Occasionally occurs when manually running scripts at various times of day when no other automated tasks running.

      No interesting events in Windows error logs.

      So far, haven't gotten any useful info other than a stacktrace that doesn't include the stderr from the command-line. I hope to see that with the addition of the error handling that has been added.