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    Tableau Environment Setup integrated with Open LDAP on Separate App Server AND in-house WMS


      Tableau Experts

      Seek your opinion on architecture/setup of Tableau Plant with following particulars at play:

      1) Local Authentication Mechanism

      2) Separate App Server (Linux machine) with Open LDAP Integration for exposing Tableau Content to external users

      3) An in-house WMS


      I would like to understand:

      1) if we should go for SSL and how it would impact the rendering of WMS and Tableau Content? - We do not have any plans to use SSL as of now, unless recommended by Experts


      2) if we should house our WMS on the same machine on which we run the Tableau Server or the separate App server that we would use for Open LDAP Authentication and exposing Tableau Content? - We intend to host it on the same machine on which the Tableau Server is running


      3) Also, post authentication against Open LDAP, we intend to render Tableau Content as frames on html pages on the App Server. Considering the App Server is a Linux Machine, it makes me wonder if All of the Tableau Contents from a dashboard would render our properly?


      Also, any particular security concerns/pitfalls that we should be on the lookout for/address, while we try to setup such an environment?


      Appreciate your thoughts.

      Rakesh Rallapalli