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    Tableau Cancel Exception error

    Sunil Tikar

      Today I observed that in my server around 20 extract refresh got failed with same error.they were successful yesterday morning .


      All connections using SQL SERVER as DataBase and having embedded credentials with these data source.


      Could anyone please assist .


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          Dan Huff

          Have you tried re-running the extracts? It is possible your database was having issues at the time.


          Dan Huff

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            Sunil Tikar

            I just tried ,It got failed with same error .

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              Shafi Mohammad

              Are you able to ping the SQL server from the tableau server? You may try to download the extract and refresh it from tableau desktop and see if the refresh runs or if there is an issue with the SQL server db source. If you have tableau desktop installed on the server, you may try to download and refresh the extract on tableau desktop of tableau server.

              You may also verify if the SQL server account credentails embedded in the extract are valid or not.

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                Rick Kunkel

                Check with the DBA for (assuming that's the DB).  There may be hints there.


                And seconding what Shafi Mohammad says, try Desktop on the Server machine.  That test remains one of the best tools of all time for troubleshooting Server issues, because the guts of Desktop and Server are very much the same.

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                  Sunil Tikar

                  Thanks Rick Kunkel and Shafi Mohammad .


                  1.I have verified that SQL server account credentials in the extract are valid as same connection working fine in SQLserver studio.


                  2.I can connect to this data source from tableau desktop by selecting connect to data-> tableau server -> and by choosing data connection present in that specific site.


                  3.I can connect to this sql server data base from tableau desktop also I am able to create VIZ and can publish newly created viz to server ,I can also schedule and refresh it on server .


                  4.Now coming to in question reports if I download that workbook and open it from desktop ,I can connect but while republishing I am not able to do that and I am getting same error as mentioned on original post .


                  5.now in evening one of the other user from different site stated that he is also facing the same issue but difference is its live connection but the error message is same .


                  6. The IP address which is mentioned on error message is my primary gateway server IP ,its not the database .


                  7.I tried to edit the connection from "alert"-> edit connection.I observed that the name of server present as

                  tableau server url instead of sql server one. I tried to edit it but while clicking on test connection I got hit "test failed".

                  even the current value also giving "test failed" error.



                  Still no luck yet -_-

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                    Rick Kunkel

                    If you navigate to the workbook (Credit_Mgr_CreditAdmin) and go to a view, do you see the error there?


                    What version (complete number... i.e. 8.x.x) of Desktop?  Of Server?


                    Ultimately, I think you should open a support case unless something springs immediately to mind for someone.  Be sure to include all the details that you have included in this thread (you can even reference it).


                    Server logs are good too, but make sure you include something they can reference in the logs.  For instance, the date/time of an error, or a screen shot, or something that they can look for in the logs specifically.  Actually, your original extract refresh failure would probably be OK, as long as the logs cover that period of time.

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                      Sunil Tikar

                      Strange behavior. last night I restart "tabadmin restart " my server and today morning all set.all 20 extract refresh succeed on time .