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    Workbook Intermittently Fails to Load

    Steve Martin

      Hi Guys,


      We are using Server version 8.1.10, we have a workbook that intermittently fails to open at times that its desktop counterpart also running 8.1.10 opens without a problem.


      At first we thought the issue might be source-server related or that the workbook may be *ahem* too complex however, opening the same workbook in desktop at the same time as attempting to open in Server results in a successful load.


      The workbook is opened by URL with the URL also providing the necessary values for the parameterised custom-sql statement; this has the benefit of ensuring the book can fully load before it attempts to render items such as charts and quickfilters by ensuring the scope of data remains solely with the results of the custom sql statement.


      The source which the custom sql connects to is a db2 source which too is not under load when these problems arise; and two very small <5MB extracts.


      We do have a number of workbooks and users however, none report any failings at the same time that this book fails to load.


      Any ideas as to the potential cause of the problem?