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    Clustering Tableau server without Active Directory

    vikram bandarupalli

      Clustering in tableau is pretty straight forward and easy to scale in or scale out. Here is an interesting scenario and would my approach to overcome the problem. Would love to see some discussion around this and see if there are any alternate approaches.


      Problem: Tableau server can't be clustered if you don't have a Windows AD.


      We have an environment where most of the apps are based of google Apps. Our org use google apps and we don't have windows machines till tableau came into picture. We started with a single server( pretty beefy) and it serves our needs until when we have to scale out and add a cluster. Along the way during the cluster, tableau server started throwing errors and the installation wouldn't complete. After digging into the issue, i found out that tableau needs an windows AD account on the both the servers( Primary and worker) so they can talk to each other. Totally understood. The challenge was we don't have an AD environment.


      After taking to Tableau product team and AWS architect(Ashley Jaschke,Rahul Bhartia both of them extremely helpful) got back to me about  a newly released AWS service. Guess what, AD as a service,AWS Directory Service.



      The AWS directory service create a domain account which is used for clustering tableau servers.The approach is pretty straight forward.

      1) Get AWS AD as service and create a AD account.

      2) Create a windows instance and join to the domain. Goto tableau server and use this AD as run as user

      3) Do the same for the worker(Step 2) node and make sure the AD account  is created on the worker node

      4) Cluster tableau from the tableau primary.


      We now have a test tableau server running running on a cluster.


      Would love to get any thought if anyone used the same approach.