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    Call for Speakers - RMTUG - Q1, 2015 User Conference

    Srinivas Nallapati

      Dear Tableau User community,

      We are very excited to launch Rocky Mountain Tableau User Group!.  We are excited that we are able to reach out to several Tableau Enthusiasts in Front Range with this effort.   Some of the great Data Analytics minds are part of the User group Board.  We are able to bring the fast growing Tableau community together and create a forum for sharing knowledge and expertise. Presentations include Tableau Enterprise implementations, Integration with Big data analytics and great Use cases.

      User group presentations are great way to collaborate, learn and see how others approach the same problem. Please get involved in Rocky Mountain Tableau community.


      Please let us know if you are interested in presenting your Tableau Use case for Q1.


      Tableau enthusiasts can participate in Best Visualization Contest:  A friendly contest to showcase your Tableau work and opportunity to win an Ipad mini.

      Please send participants details to Srinivas.Nallapati@gmail.com by January 15th to participate in the contest.


      Best Visualization Contest Rules:

      1. 1. Participants - can be individual or part of a Team (maximum of 3 members ONLY in a team).
      2. 2. Each Participant can ONLY be part of ONE Viz.
      3. You MUST use Tableau Software ONLY (Please use 8.1 or 8.2)

      Best Regards,

      Srini Nallapati