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    Passing Parameters to Tableau from Third Party Application

    Thomas Richardson



      We are using Tableau Server, and serving up visualisations within an ASP.NET Web Application using Tableau's JavaScript API.


      We're comfortable with the concepts behind passing scalar value parameters to a workbook as query string parameters, but we have a requirement whereby we need to be able to pass through a specific set of parameters when INITIALLY loading the workbook, and these correspond with quickfilters that are multiple-value (the workbook manages the applying of those parameter values to the quickfilters, and the quickfilters themselves will not be visible on the workbook).


      Our scenario would be such that at the time that the viz is loaded, we need to ensure that e.g. 2 regions are pre-selected in the quickfilter, 50 countries are pre-selected, and 200 cities are pre-selected (note these are subsets of the available items, not "All").


      Of course, this implies that each parameter is actually an array of values and we foresee a problem whereby a parameter value that indicates "150 out of 183 countries" needs to be passed as part of the URL when the workbook is loaded, and this will obviously lead to a limitation on the physical length of the URL including query string parameters.


      We recognise other techniques like (please correct me if I'm wrong):


      *         changeParameterValueAsync(), but this can only be done one parameter at a time, and can only be done after the workbook is already loaded


      *         worksheet.applyFilterAsync(), but once again, we'd have to load the workbook first, then call this once for each quickfilter


      Please can you advise of the best way to achieve this.