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    Conversion Rates

    Tatiana Smith

      Hi All,


      I am a new user to Tableau and am completely stuck on how to run a calculated field.


      I need to calculate a # Sales / # of  Records


      I have done this with the above formula and it works as long as there is only 2 dimensions:

      Group 1:  # Sales     # Records      %Conversion Rate

      Group 2: # Sales     # Records      %Conversion Rate

      My calculated field works in the above scenario


      If I add a filter of a month or so to the view then the whole calcualtion changes but I need the #Records to remain the same for the conversion calculation to be correct.


      How would I create a static field? Or how can i have all of these calculations in one palce, so the table ends up looking something like this:


      Group#Sales#RecordsConversion RateMonth
      Group 1100100010%
      Group 12010002%March
      Group 23010003%April


      Thank you so much in advance

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          loganathan srinivasan

          Sorry I am really finding difficult to understand your question completely but here is my response based on what I understand.


          You can create two calculated fields.


          1) Create a calc field and enter 1000 with calc name Record.

          2) Next create cal field as sum([#Sales])/Sum([Records]).


          The Record field would be static and also the 2nd calculation should meet your requriement. Let me know if this works.