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    Can I have a filter that allows the user to see what measures are shown (but tie certain measures together)?

    Travis Downs

      Say I have 10 measures, called A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J. I want to give the user the ability to choose what they want to see, but the measures are all related in a certain way. Measures B, D, F, H, and J are all functions of the previous measure (A, C, E, G, and I, respectively). In this specific case, the second measures are percent differences of the other one. I want the user to be able to filter (using a quick filter) between measures A, C, E, G, and I, and have it show either A&B, C&D, E&F, G&H, or I&J.


      Is that possible using a parameter or somehow tying measures together?