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    Differentiate bar chart in 2 colors on the basis of sales(single product sale VS aggregate sale)

    Nitin Agrawal

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I have the data showing sales of some products for customers as shown in 'all_data' in attached file.

      In second sheet(total_sales) i have arranged the data by aggregate sales of different products in the form of bar charts.

      The next sheet(4_top_sales) is showing data for top 4 products in terms of their sale.


      Now, I want to differentiate data by showing total sale of a particular product against total sale of all products in the form of bar charts(for sales of top 4 products) by showing 2 colors, one color for the total sale of product in product-match category and other for remaining sales.


      For this, i have created a aggregate field window_sales and i am using it to find the total sales for top 4 products.




      I just don't know how to differentiate bar chart in 2 colors.

      I appreciate your help. Thank you



      Vicky Garg