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    Tableau 8.3 Modifying Connections/Extracts for current workbooks

    connie bowers

      I am looking for assistance or if anyone has experience this issue.  We are in the testing phase of upgrading our current Tableau version to 8.3.  Part of the process will be to  add/change  definitions in the comment section along with renaming field names to be more user friendly on all connections/ extracts. Our connections  are built from multiple oracle tables.  This was my test script: I  rename a few fields - both fields names from the oracle table and ones created  using the Tableau.  I changed the wording in the comment section and added  new comments to ones that were null.  I rebuilt the extract and posted to the  server.  Then I open a workbook which uses the same extract and refresh the connection.   My results were mixed.  Any renamed field from the oracle table did not change on the connection in the workbook nor did any comment change I made.   All new comments were present on the fields from the oracle table.  All  changes I made on the Tableau user calculated fields were present.


      Should I have followed a different process?  Any suggestions would be helpful.