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    Extremely custom previous period view as selected by the user

    Nicole Edmonds

      I have a rather unique custom previous period request that I am currently working through, and curious if anyone has created something similar.  My users would like to dynamically set a previous period to see the percent change for specific range of days, then those same days in the previous month.  So, for example, the Current period would be November 1st through the 10th (as selected by the user) and the previous period would be October 1st through the 10th.  I have been able to set up a dynamic previous period, i.e. last week, last month, last quarter etc, then evaluate that selection with the equation LOOKUP(ATTR([Date Text]),-1), with "Date text" being what the user selects via parameter, i.e. last month, last week, etc for the previous period evaluation.  (Based on this thread: Comparing 2 different periods on same data)  Where I am stumped a bit is on the specific number of days for current period then % change from those same days in the previous period.  I am going to continue to work on it, but wanted to check here as well.