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    Cancel "computing view layout" not working with Essbase



      we are connecting to an Oracle Essbase database with Tableau on Windows. Problem is that some of the MDX queries Tableau executes take an inordinate amount of time if they include an attribute dimension. We haven't found out why because retrieving the same information via SmartView is normally fast. Anyway, Tableau then remains stuck at the "Computing View Layout" dialog. Pressing cancel will sometimes work but sometimes Tableau proceeds to show the "cancelling..." message ad infinitum without any possibility for the user to do anything except terminate the Tableau process via task manager.

      On the server we can see that the session (Server -> Edit -> Sessions in admin console) that Tableau created keeps running if we do not kill it in the adming console.


      Just wondering if anybody has experienced this before or if this perhaps is a confirmed bug in the Essbase driver.