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    blending two data sets

    Carolyn Marks

      I need some quick help.


      I have a map of our customers with a dynamic filter of our INTERNAL Region.


      So when I click the "West Coast", in a perfect world, I should only see customers on the West Coast.  But I don't, which is the problem I'm trying to identify.  It looks great, I have no problems there.  I have blue dots & they are sized for the # of customers.


      My problem is I want to highlight (color/bring to attention) what the WEST COAST SHOULD BE (California, Nevada, Oregan, ETC....so the end users can CLEARLY see what customers are NOT really in the West Coast.  So if there is a customer in NJ in our West Coast region, maybe I want to color that Orange.  I have another list for state/region.


      How do I do this?