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    Need Help on Tableau Dashboards

    p Reddy





      My Req is :




      I Have to prepare test case for my dashboard.




      I have 1 dashboard,i which i have 2 tabs.




      1st tab = country.




      On 1st tab = "Search" keyword on country.




















      the above countries are given to me from client.




      I will go to database


      select * from tablename where country = 'dublin';


      I will get one output.




      with that output what i have to do. I mean, what test case i have to

      prepare with that output.




      I will test the above query with above all countries, with those outputs

      what test case i have to prepare






      please send me some sample test case template to my mail id :







      Please help me as soon as possible.






      Pavan reddy


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          Shawn Wallwork

          Pavan, it's difficult to understand what you are really asking here. What is it you're wanting to 'test'? It will be very helpful if you can attach a packaged workbook, so we can see what you're working with. Thanks,




          EDIT: Also you may want to contact your local sales rep, then might be able to help you answer this.