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    Percentage of a value A compare to a value B




      I have a table with Customers, amounts A,  amount B and I'd like to add third column that would be : percentage of B compare to A




        Customer          Amount A     Amount B     Percentage of B compare to A

           Goldorak           50.000           15.000                      30 %


      I can't manage to do this , I've tried calculated fields , directly calculate this fields to DB level ( but then the aggregations failed as it sums the percentages ), My brain is melting . Can anyone help on this please ?


      thank u and regards.

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          Matt Lutton

          Using that single record as an example, a simple calc of:


          SUM([Amount B])/SUM([Amount A])


          Will provide the .30 value you're looking for.  Does your raw data include a column for Customer, Amount A, and Amount B?  If not, could you post a sample packaged workbook using some randomized data?


          If your Amounts are stored in one column together, you may need to separate them out using a calculated field -- but I'd need to see an example of your raw data to fully understand what your original data source looks like.