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    Christopher Scott

      Good afternoon,


      Thank you everyone who came out to the TUG last night.  I am always amazed and gladdened to see all the people that show up every time...you all let me know that what I'm doing is important and that we are going somewhere!


      Last night I gave quite a bit of information about where BB&T is with Tableau and talked about a few other things in passing. I wanted to provide a few links from my presentation in case any of you were interested in learning more about the Data Viz conference or anything like that.


      Data Visualization Summit, Boston this is the link to the actual conference webpage but feel free to look at the rest of Innovation Enterprise's other conferences and events.


      ieOnDemand this is IE's video on-demand portal where ALL of the conferences/speakers have been taped and available for you to watch for a nominal fee (including your's truly)


      https://www.motorcitymapping.org/#t=overview&s=detroit&f=all here is the link for Motor City Mapping by the guys at Loveland Technology hopefully it will inspire you to not only create stunning and interactive visualizations but also strive to change YOUR world, no matter what field or how small it might seem, with data visualization.


      I would love to share my dashboards but unfortunately due to the extremely sensitive client data found within it would be more of a hassle to try and scrub it all and at that point the interface would be practically useless...you all understand.  However, if you do have any remaining questions feel free to email, call, send me a smoke signal and I would be more than happy to talk with you about anything. 


      Thank you all again so much for what you are doing and I look forward to many more TUGs and other Tableau functions with you in the future!