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    In List on Mac

    Charles Miller

      Has anyone been able to copy/paste a list of values into the 'Custom value list' field on the Mac version of Tableau? When I do, it takes all the items and puts them in as one long string. It works on the PC version just fine. Copy out of .txt, .xls(x), etc. works great on PC.


      This and I haven't been able to figure out the hot key to copy a dimension/measure from one shelf, filter or mark field to another. It's CTRL+[click/drag] on the PC. Could be the Mac keystroke is different.


      Two key pieces of functionality that are missing in my opinion, or I haven't figured out...



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Charles,


          I don't have a Mac so I'm unable to test if this workaround works, but I found this as a possible workaround:


          1. Copy the desired cells from Excel for Mac
          2. Paste the values into the Notes application on the Mac
          3. Copy the output in the Notes application
          4. Paste this information into the Custom value list filter in Tableau Desktop

          Hope it helps!