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    Multiple viz's and filters

    Dean Olynyk

      Say I have two viz's on a page, viz1 and viz2.


      Should I:

      viz1.getWorkbook().getActiveSheet().applyFilterAsync("x", "y", tableauSoftware.FilterUpdateType.REPLACE)

           .then(function () {

                     viz2.getWorkbook().getActiveSheet().applyFilterAsync("x", "y", tableauSoftware.FilterUpdateType.REPLACE)



      Or is it OK if I simply kick them all off in one go:

      viz1.getWorkbook().getActiveSheet().applyFilterAsync("x", "y", tableauSoftware.FilterUpdateType.REPLACE);

      viz2.getWorkbook().getActiveSheet().applyFilterAsync("x", "y", tableauSoftware.FilterUpdateType.REPLACE);

      Second question, if I am going to be controlling all of the filtering of each worksheet via the API, should I not apply filters to multiple worksheets and keep them all to themselves?