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    Calendar of TUG Events

    Andy Piper

      What are your thoughts on having the ability to see a calendar of all the TUG events along with the agenda that goes out on the invitations?


      As a TUG leader, I would find this very helpful for the following reasons:

      • it would allow me to see who else is having a meeting at/around the same time ours is - this could lead to meeting collaborations in the future
      • it would allow me to see speakers and presentation topics - this may prove beneficial when trying to plan future TUG meetings and I'm looking for topics and presenters
      • it might allow me to even join in on TUG meetings (albeit remotely) that I would normally not have the ability to do - who doesn't gain from participating in TUG meetings?


      As an FYI, the next Atlanta Tableau Users Group meetings are Thursday, October 23rd (1-4PM EST) and Thursday, December 4th (1-4PM EST) - agendas are still works in progress.