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    2014 Sept ChiTUG VizFest Contest & winners!

    KK Molugu

      We finished our Sept 2014 ChiTUG session on 23rd and IMHO it was ONE OF THE BEST ChiTUG sessions we had.

      I would like to thank all the VizFest participants Kevin Chaplin, Alexandria Duke, Kristi Marotta, Shadi Hussein, Sean Reynolds, Daniel Nguyen, and Julianna Wokurka.

      At ChiTUG everyone is a WINNER and all participants won the prizes


      Below are our winners...


      Here are the Tableau Public links to all Viz'es and winner position;

      WINNER #1

      Evolution of Billboard:



      WINNER #2

      Billboard analysis: Julianna


      WINNER #3

      Billboard Analysis- Number One


      WINNER #4

      Chicago Salary Gender Equality



      WINNER #5

      Rock and Rap



      Happy vizzing until next ChiTUG

      ..KK Molugu