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    Why use drama in a viz

    Michelle Wallace

      With all the talk about storytelling lately, it’s important to think about the power that lies in the storyteller’s hands—and what they should do with it. For example, take this Story Points viz: http://public.tableausoftware.com/profile/efields#!/vizhome/EarthquakesOnTheRise-Full/Earthquakestory. It explores data that—at first glance—implies that earthquakes are increasing worldwide. However, as the story progresses, it shows why that’s a mistaken assumption.


      We believe that the #1 priority of a visualization is to tell an accurate story about data. Period. But once that’s been accomplished, how do you get people to listen to your story? You might need to be provocative—you might need to use drama. The title of this viz is “Earthquakes: Are they on the rise?” This title is used to capture a reader’s attention—and then show them why the answer is a resounding “no.”


      What do you think of this use of drama? How do you make an impact with your data—while ensuring that it’s always accurate?