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    Grouping and DEDUPING based on values

    Carolyn Marks

      I know how to group, no problem.  However, I need to DEDUP based on that grouping.


      So I have customers that are bucketed by Sales Leader Code.  Those customers now roll into a single leader.


      Here's an example.


      Sales Leader Code     Customer Number     Customer Name          Product

      1234                              9876                         My Shoez                    A

      1234                              7728                         Yum Ice Cream           A

      3268                              7412                         Love Bug                     A

      3214                              6043                         Tara Fara                    B

      3268                              6043                         Tara Fara                    B



      I want to GROUP 3268 and 3214 into a single group.  But now that Customer 6043, Customer Name Tara Fara AND product B is in there 2x, I want to dedup that to be 1 CUSTOMER.  It's the combination of all 3 that makes it a single customer--customer #, customer name & has the same product.


      Help.  Is it an IF statement with a count distinct nestled in there?