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    Premier League Pic 'Em Pool

    Douglas Craig



      I am trying to put together a worbook for a Premier League pick'em pool that I am that will showcase the winners by week, total points, total winnings and total expense (entry fee versus winning),


      There are 26 participants who pick the straight up winner for each of the weeks Premier League matches.

      Points are doled out as follows


      • Weekly Points
        • 1 point for guessing the correct result but not exact score
        • 3 points for guessing the exact score
        • 3 points for guessing the exact score of one designated joker game per week


      Right now, I have the data in two separate sheets


      1. The Schedule
        1. Week #
        2. Game Date
        3. Game Time
        4. Home/Away
        5. Team
        6. Stadium


      1. The Results (Collected via a Google Form - Google Spreadshet - Excel)
        1. Week #
        2. Player
        3. Team Name
        4. Predicted Points



      I am stumped on how to format my workbooks to streamline the work as much as possible, particularly how to go from score prediction to actual result, translating that to a win, loss or tie and allocating the correct amount of points.  Once I have that set, all of the other charts will work from that. 


      Does any one have any thoughts?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.






      I have attached the packaged workbook and the two original spreadsheets.