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    Show Number of Business Days Elapsed in Time Period

    Dillon Edwards

      I'm looking to display the number of business days elapsed in a given time period.


      I currently have the following graph that shows the first 7 calendar days of each month. I want the tooltip to show how many business days have elapsed since the beginning of the month (taking holidays into account).


      Any ideas?



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          Shawn Wallwork

          Here's a start,


          TOTAL( SUM( IF DATENAME( 'weekday' ,([Order Date] ))='Saturday'

          OR DATENAME('weekday',([Order Date]) )='Sunday'

          THEN 0 ELSE 1 END ) )


          But it does NOT take holidays into account. And you'll have to set up the first 7 days part, since I don't know how you're viz is set up. (In the future, if you include the whole Tableau window in the screenshot, so we can see the pill arrangement/colors, we have a better chance at guessing what's going on.


          As to Holidays, I'm fairly certain it could be done using some sort of look up table, but it is definitely NOT of the software, though often asked for.