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    How to format percent in a range/string to 2 decimal places in a If statement calculated field?

    Jessica Chung

      Hi! I would like to create a new field to capture the range of the Min & Max sales growth% in this format:  38.12% - 65.85% if they are different. 

      If the min and max are the same, display only the min (e.g. 38.12%).

      Currently, the sales growth data looks like this : 0.12, 0.258, 0.2368, 0.1254


      I created a calculated field but.....did not work:

      If    min([salesGrowth]) = max ([salesGrowth])

      Then str(round(min([SalesGrowth]),2))+'%'

      Else str(round(min([salesGrowth],2))+'% - " str(round(max([salesGrowth],2)+'%'