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    How to create calculated measure based on if statements & and specific dates

    Sean Bennington

      Hi -


      I am trying to create a calculated measure in Tableau 8.0.

      Below is a sample set of data to illustrate my dilemma.


      Each week a specific number of pieces of mail will drop (get mailed) per campaign and i would like to calculate the % of the amount dropped each week based on the grand total of each campaign.


      I will be pulling data as Friday of each week.

      So if i am pulling data as of 4/14/14 i'd like to be able to see the percent dropped as of that date.


      It should be a simple calculation but what is causing me issues is when i don't bring in the "date" dimension into the columns view as i would like to just give me the percent of amount dropped regardless of what type of date.


      Thanks for the help!