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    Non Overwriting of Workbooks by other user in tableau server

    srinivas kumar



      I created a project with name Testproject,group with name GroupA and two users with name UserA & UserB in Tableau server.

      I gave the permissions as publisher for GroupA.

      From Tableau Desktop level, UserA  publishes a simple workbook called TestReport with 2 worksheets  in Testproject project into tableau server.


      Now my requirement is:


      I want to login through UserB. I want to make changes TestReport just by adding one more sheet in the workbook from server level.

      Here i dont want to save and overwrite the current workbook which is published by UserA. I have to do SAVE AS only. If i am trying to save with same name it has to show that "OVERWRITE IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR THIS USER".

      Above requirement is done in Tableau Workbook level. But i want the solution in Server Level


      Kindly help me if there is any options in tableau server to not Overwriting the current workbook which is published UserA by UserB.



      Srinivas Kumar.