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    Actions based on userlist access?

    Carlos Flores



      I have a massive dashboard that is distributed to team leaders.

      Each leader has only access to his own dashboard, is there a way to set up a button to send a user to a different page based on their user restrictions?


      For example, they each have a Home page button which takes them back to their main page, i would like each of them to go to a different page based on their user level access.


      A leader for A should go to page A, a leader from B to page B and so on.


      I am using the exact same 1 button, and i would like to avoid using more than one.


      Lastly, can i have a button appear in a different color also based on the user access?


      Such as, the buttons appear Blue to everyone with no access, and Green to those with access?


      I though about havinga blue button and floating a green one on top that shows if yo have access, and dosnt if you dont, would something like this work?


      Any help would rock