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    Extract Timeout on 8.2 Upgrade

    David Byrd

      We upgraded to server 8.2 and now all of our extracts running at 2 hours fail due to timeout.  I have adjusted everything I can see that should be adjusted and the server took the config from the previous install where all extracts behaved fine for 2+ hours.  Anyone else have this issue or can help??


      Here is what I have adjusted so far or stayed the same after the upgrade:


      backgrounder.log.level: info

      backgrounder.native_api.log.level: info

      backgrounder.ping_dataengine.num_retries: 20

      backgrounder.ping_dataengine.time_to_wait: 5000

      backgrounder.querylimit: 86400

      backgrounder.reset_schedules_on_startup: true

      backgrounder.restart_interval_in_minutes: 480

      backgrounder.sleep_interval: 10

      backgrounder.timeout_length_in_seconds: 86400


      dataserver.session.expiry.timeout: 86400

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          Carl Dragseth

          David, has this been resolved?   Have you talked with Tableau?  If so, what was the answer.   We are experiencing the same issue.

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            David Byrd

            We have a case in with them that has been escalated to a server engineer.  Their initial response was to adjust one of the settings we had already addressed (tabadmin set backgrounder.querylimit) they wanted us to move that up but we had already set this and other timeouts at 24 hours (86400 seconds).  I don’t think it is this because ours is exactly 2 hours and 1 minute and sum number of seconds, not 2 hours exactly.  I will post once they have given more direction as to what it could be.  Is yours a little over two hours as well?

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              Carl Dragseth

              We timeout at 2:01:40.   Since the upgrade, the extract has error-ed out.  We had changed the admin setting to 10800, but that didn't solve it as it has in the past when we were on 8.1.

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                David Byrd

                That is the exact thing we are experiencing with the exact time.  I went over the settings we have via the tabadmin configure command to export the settings and nothing (no number) on that is set to that amount of time in either seconds or minutes.   I thought it was also the timeout_length_in_seconds but that was set high as well.


                I will keep you posted as I hear from them.

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                  Carl Dragseth

                  We are sending in a service ticket.  In the meantime, we are going to make a change to some of the settings on server and try and optimize the query to shorten its duration.

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                    David Byrd

                    I just spoke with Tableau a few minutes ago and they suggested the following (below).  The difference would be, when I implemented this statement previously, I didn’t “tabadmin config” before starting the server back up.  Give this a shot and see, apparently if you don’t tabadmin config the setting of new timeout_length_in_seconds only gets written to one place and not all the places it needs to be written to.  So your config output file will show it as such but the process still references the old timeout setting.



                    At the command prompt, run the following commands in order:


                                    tabadmin stop


                                    tabadmin set backgrounder.timeout_length_in_seconds 86400


                                    tabadmin config


                                    tabadmin start


                    They indicated that this was a known issue and a kb article is being written to address it.  My test is still running to know if this in fact works, I should know in the next hour and 45 minutes.

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                      Carl Dragseth

                      Thanks.  We will have our IT guys try that out.

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                        David Byrd

                        This tested successfully for us.