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    Notes from June 24 "big data" User Group at Verizon Wireless

    Lee Feinberg

      Thank you again to our guest speakers, Jose Maldonado from Verizon Wireless, Ted Frisch from Alteryx, and Jamie Fox from Tableau Software.  The audience was treated to a range of views about "big data" and it was clear that one solution or one application is not going to solve all the problems to be managed.  A few key points from each presentation:




      + The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is the starting point from which 200 tables containing the metrics data is moved to 12 staging tables.  That information is ingested into Excel and Tableau

      + The organization is still using many reports in other systems because individuals need access to more detail than provided in the executive Tableau dashboards.

      + Also, it is expensive to store the detailed drill-down data outside of the EDW, so other ad-hoc work is required to access that data separately.




      + Provided some brief customer wins of using Alteryx and Tableau together

      + The key message was to "flip the time devoted to data prep and data discovery"

         - Ingersoll Rand reduced data from 10 hours to 16 seconds

         - Werner Enterprises reduced load time in Tableau from 1 minute to 3 seconds

         - Crossmark spent 18 months analyzing 10% of customers; did the next 90% in 6 months

      + We saw a demo of Alteryx (there's high interest and we could have continued for an hour)




      get his presentation https://www.dropbox.com/s/541ew6szxv847pl/Tableau%20Users%20Group%20-%20presso%20061914%20%28Jamie%20Fox%29.pptx



      + Defined big data as being of a size beyond common software tools; it not just a bigger database

      + The cloud is becoming a major force, and it's really three ideas

         - SaaS - software as a service: SalesForce, Google Analytics

         - PaaS - platform as a service: Tableau Online, Amazon Redshift

         - IaaS - infrastructure as a service: Amazon Elastic Cube, Microsoft Azure

      + Tableau plays a role operating in each of these environments