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    Tableau and SAP BW  (or SAP BI) Connectivity

    Tom Rakoczy

      We are in the process of implementing Tableau with SAP BW. For the most part, things are going well. The primary issues relate to whether or not to use an embedded user. When we use the embedded user, Tableau Server works well, except for the fact that the embedded user is never disconnected or logged out of BW. As a result, data that is refreshed in BW does not show as changed in Tableau Server because the embedded user has never logged out. We can manually disconnect the embedded user in BW, but this is not a realistic option.


      We also considered having the users log in to BW instead of using the embedded user, but the problem with this is that the user has to log in to each dashboard that uses a different data source such as separate cubes for sales, headcount, etc. Having to log in multiple times to BW for one session in Tableau Server would not be well received by our users, especiall since they are used to the one time sign on to BEx Analyzer.


      Ideally the situation would be that either the embedded user dicsonnect or logs out of BW when leaving Tableau Server or only a single login to BW for each Tableau Server session to view the dahboards.


      We have also looked into extracts of the data, but we are hesitant to use this option. It also does not work well consistently.


      I am wondering if anyone has any comments or suggestions regarding this matter. Perhaps I have missed something in the configuration or some other possible options.


      Thanks in advance.